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Eve online is an awesome game as it is. Single server, average of 35 thousand people online, thousands of players clashing with each other in attempts to create dominions.
When I heard about this project I was disappointed. Players already pay a monthly fee for playing this game. Now they try to give privileges for those who can pay extra cash on the game? A decent system already exists which allows those with to much money to legally purchase ISK eve money. This system works fine for quite some time now and is one of the best ideas implemented by CCP.
But micropayements are too much. If you look at all other MMOs that decided to introduce micropayements you will notice that all of those MMOs balance is now messed up. at the begging there are unimportant things but the demand for more powerful merchandise quickly spins the system out of control.
Players with to much real cash get to much advantage over players who cant afford to spend more than the monthly fee.
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